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Exit airport terminal toward 44th Street Right on 44th to Broadmoor Right on Boradmoor to East Paris Right on East Paris to 40th Left on 40th to East Paris Right on East Paris to 29th Left on 29th to Radcliff Right on Radcliff to Outer Mall drive Right on Outer Mall drive to Woodland Mall shelter near Sears


From the Woodland Mall shelter near Sears, take Outer Mall Drive to exit to Radcliff Left on Radcliff to 29th Street Left on 29th Street to East Paris Right on East Paris to 40th Left on 40th to East Paris Right on East Paris to Broadmoor Right to first turn around to head south to 44th Left on first turn around just past 44th, then right on 44th to Airport terminal.


LocationTransfer to Route(s)
Woodland Mall5, 6, 24, 28, 44
29th Street and East Paris5, 28
G R Ford Airport44th @ Broadmore36th @ East ParisWoodland Mall
6:41 AM6:47 AM6:49 AM6:56 AM
7:11 AM7:17 AM7:19 AM7:26 AM
7:41 AM7:47 AM7:49 AM7:56 AM
8:11 AM8:17 AM8:19 AM8:26 AM
8:41 AM8:47 AM8:49 AM8:56 AM
9:11 AM9:17 AM9:19 AM9:26 AM
9:41 AM9:47 AM9:49 AM9:56 AM
10:11 AM10:17 AM10:19 AM10:26 AM
10:41 AM10:47 AM10:49 AM10:56 AM
11:11 AM11:17 AM11:19 AM11:26 AM
11:41 AM11:47 AM11:49 AM11:56 AM
12:11 PM12:17 PM12:19 PM12:26 PM
12:41 PM12:47 PM12:49 PM12:56 PM
1:11 PM1:17 PM1:19 PM1:26 PM
1:38 PM1:44 PM1:46 PM1:53 PM
2:08 PM2:14 PM2:16 PM2:23 PM
2:38 PM2:44 PM2:46 PM2:53 PM
3:08 PM3:14 PM3:16 PM3:23 PM
3:38 PM3:44 PM3:46 PM3:53 PM
4:08 PM4:14 PM4:16 PM4:23 PM
4:38 PM4:44 PM4:46 PM4:53 PM
5:08 PM5:14 PM5:16 PM5:23 PM
5:38 PM5:44 PM5:46 PM5:53 PM
6:08 PM6:14 PM6:16 PM6:23 PM
6:38 PM6:44 PM6:46 PM6:53 PM
7:08 PM7:14 PM7:16 PM7:23 PM
8:08 PM8:14 PM8:16 PM8:23 PM
9:08 PM9:14 PM9:16 PM9:23 PM