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GVSU North Campus



Depart Kirkhof Right on Campus Drive to Lake Michigan Drive Right on Lake Michigan Dr to take 1st turn around to go west on Lake Michigan Dr Lake Michigan Drive to University Parkway (1st street after 48th St) Right on University Parkway Right on Becker Dr Right on 48th Street to 48 West Right on Village Center Drive Right on East Side Circle Left on North Side Dr Left on Centertown Place Right on Southtown Dr Left on the service drive to West Campus cul-de-sac Left on West Campus West Campus to Laker Village Right on Laker Village to Calder Left on Calder to South Campus Left on South Campus to Kirkhof


LocationTransfer to Route(s)
Mackinac HallLL
Kirkhof Center48, LL
KirkhofMackinac HallThe EnclaveCampus West AptsKirkhof
7:00 AM7:01 AM7:06 AM7:12 AM7:16 AM
7:09 AM7:10 AM7:15 AM7:21 AM7:25 AM
7:18 AM7:19 AM7:24 AM7:30 AM7:34 AM
7:27 AM7:28 AM7:33 AM7:39 AM7:43 AM
7:36 AM7:37 AM7:42 AM7:48 AM7:52 AM
7:43 AM7:44 AM7:49 AM7:55 AM7:59 AM
7:50 AM7:51 AM7:56 AM8:02 AM8:06 AM
7:57 AM7:58 AM8:03 AM8:09 AM8:13 AM
8:04 AM8:05 AM8:10 AM8:16 AM8:20 AM
8:11 AM8:12 AM8:17 AM8:23 AM8:27 AM
8:18 AM8:19 AM8:24 AM8:30 AM8:34 AM
8:25 AM8:26 AM8:31 AM8:37 AM8:41 AM
8:32 AM8:33 AM8:38 AM8:44 AM8:48 AM
8:39 AM8:40 AM8:45 AM8:51 AM8:55 AM
8:46 AM8:47 AM8:52 AM8:58 AM9:02 AM
8:53 AM8:54 AM8:59 AM9:05 AM9:09 AM
9:00 AM9:01 AM9:06 AM9:12 AM9:16 AM
9:07 AM9:08 AM9:13 AM9:19 AM9:23 AM
9:14 AM9:15 AM9:20 AM9:26 AM9:30 AM
9:21 AM9:22 AM9:27 AM9:33 AM9:37 AM
9:28 AM9:29 AM9:34 AM9:40 AM9:44 AM
9:35 AM9:36 AM9:41 AM9:47 AM9:51 AM
9:42 AM9:43 AM9:48 AM9:54 AM9:58 AM
9:49 AM9:50 AM9:55 AM10:01 AM10:05 AM
9:56 AM9:57 AM10:02 AM10:08 AM10:12 AM
10:03 AM10:04 AM10:09 AM10:15 AM10:19 AM
10:10 AM10:11 AM10:16 AM10:22 AM10:26 AM
10:17 AM10:18 AM10:23 AM10:29 AM10:33 AM
10:24 AM10:25 AM10:30 AM10:36 AM10:40 AM
10:31 AM10:32 AM10:37 AM10:43 AM10:47 AM
10:38 AM10:39 AM10:44 AM10:50 AM10:54 AM
10:49 AM10:50 AM10:55 AM11:01 AM11:05 AM
10:56 AM10:57 AM11:02 AM11:08 AM11:12 AM
11:03 AM11:04 AM11:09 AM11:15 AM11:19 AM
11:10 AM11:11 AM11:16 AM11:22 AM11:26 AM
11:21 AM11:22 AM11:27 AM11:33 AM11:37 AM
11:30 AM11:31 AM11:36 AM11:42 AM11:46 AM
11:41 AM11:42 AM11:47 AM11:53 AM11:57 AM
11:48 AM11:49 AM11:54 AM12:00 PM12:04 PM
11:55 AM11:56 AM12:01 PM12:07 PM12:11 PM
12:02 PM12:03 PM12:08 PM12:14 PM12:18 PM
12:09 PM12:10 PM12:15 PM12:21 PM12:25 PM
12:16 PM12:17 PM12:22 PM12:28 PM12:32 PM
12:23 PM12:24 PM12:29 PM12:35 PM12:39 PM
12:30 PM12:31 PM12:36 PM12:42 PM12:46 PM
12:37 PM12:38 PM12:43 PM12:49 PM12:53 PM
12:44 PM12:45 PM12:50 PM12:56 PM1:00 PM
12:51 PM12:52 PM12:57 PM1:03 PM1:07 PM
12:58 PM12:59 PM1:04 PM1:10 PM1:14 PM
1:05 PM1:06 PM1:11 PM1:17 PM1:21 PM
1:12 PM1:13 PM1:18 PM1:24 PM1:28 PM
1:19 PM1:20 PM1:25 PM1:31 PM1:35 PM
1:26 PM1:27 PM1:32 PM1:38 PM1:42 PM
1:33 PM1:34 PM1:39 PM1:45 PM1:49 PM
1:40 PM1:41 PM1:46 PM1:52 PM1:56 PM
1:47 PM1:48 PM1:53 PM1:59 PM2:03 PM
1:54 PM1:55 PM2:00 PM2:06 PM2:10 PM
2:01 PM2:02 PM2:07 PM2:13 PM2:17 PM
2:08 PM2:09 PM2:14 PM2:20 PM2:24 PM
2:15 PM2:16 PM2:21 PM2:27 PM2:31 PM
2:22 PM2:23 PM2:28 PM2:34 PM2:38 PM
2:29 PM2:30 PM2:35 PM2:41 PM2:45 PM
2:36 PM2:37 PM2:42 PM2:48 PM2:52 PM
2:43 PM2:44 PM2:49 PM2:55 PM2:59 PM
2:50 PM2:51 PM2:56 PM3:02 PM3:06 PM
2:57 PM2:58 PM3:03 PM3:09 PM3:13 PM
3:04 PM3:05 PM3:10 PM3:16 PM3:20 PM
3:16 PM3:17 PM3:22 PM3:28 PM3:32 PM
3:23 PM3:24 PM3:29 PM3:35 PM3:39 PM
3:30 PM3:31 PM3:36 PM3:42 PM3:46 PM
3:37 PM3:38 PM3:43 PM3:49 PM3:53 PM
3:44 PM3:45 PM3:50 PM3:56 PM4:00 PM
3:51 PM3:52 PM3:57 PM4:03 PM4:07 PM
3:58 PM3:59 PM4:04 PM4:10 PM4:14 PM
4:05 PM4:06 PM4:11 PM4:17 PM4:21 PM
4:12 PM4:13 PM4:18 PM4:24 PM4:28 PM
4:19 PM4:20 PM4:25 PM4:31 PM4:35 PM
4:26 PM4:27 PM4:32 PM4:38 PM4:42 PM
4:33 PM4:34 PM4:39 PM4:45 PM4:49 PM
4:40 PM4:41 PM4:46 PM4:52 PM4:56 PM
4:47 PM4:48 PM4:53 PM4:59 PM5:03 PM
4:54 PM4:55 PM5:00 PM5:06 PM5:10 PM
5:01 PM5:02 PM5:07 PM5:13 PM5:17 PM
5:08 PM5:09 PM5:14 PM5:20 PM5:24 PM
5:15 PM5:16 PM5:21 PM5:27 PM5:31 PM
5:22 PM5:23 PM5:28 PM5:34 PM5:38 PM
5:29 PM5:30 PM5:35 PM5:41 PM5:45 PM
5:36 PM5:37 PM5:42 PM5:48 PM5:52 PM
5:43 PM5:44 PM5:49 PM5:55 PM5:59 PM
5:50 PM5:51 PM5:56 PM6:02 PM6:06 PM
5:57 PM5:58 PM6:03 PM6:09 PM6:13 PM
6:04 PM6:05 PM6:10 PM6:16 PM6:20 PM
6:11 PM6:12 PM6:17 PM6:23 PM6:27 PM
6:18 PM6:19 PM6:24 PM6:30 PM6:34 PM
6:25 PM6:26 PM6:31 PM6:37 PM6:41 PM
6:32 PM6:33 PM6:38 PM6:44 PM6:48 PM
6:39 PM6:40 PM6:45 PM6:51 PM6:55 PM
6:53 PM6:54 PM6:59 PM7:05 PM7:09 PM
7:00 PM7:01 PM7:06 PM7:12 PM7:16 PM
7:10 PM7:11 PM7:16 PM7:22 PM7:26 PM
7:20 PM7:21 PM7:26 PM7:32 PM7:36 PM
7:30 PM7:31 PM7:36 PM7:42 PM7:46 PM
7:40 PM7:41 PM7:46 PM7:52 PM7:56 PM
7:50 PM7:51 PM7:56 PM8:02 PM8:06 PM
8:00 PM8:01 PM8:06 PM8:12 PM8:16 PM
8:10 PM8:11 PM8:16 PM8:22 PM8:26 PM
8:20 PM8:21 PM8:26 PM8:32 PM8:36 PM
8:30 PM8:31 PM8:36 PM8:42 PM8:46 PM
8:40 PM8:41 PM8:46 PM8:52 PM8:56 PM
8:49 PM8:50 PM8:55 PM9:01 PM9:05 PM
8:59 PM9:00 PM9:05 PM9:10 PM9:14 PM
9:14 PM9:15 PM9:20 PM9:25 PM9:29 PM
9:24 PM9:25 PM9:30 PM9:35 PM9:39 PM
9:33 PM9:34 PM9:39 PM9:44 PM9:48 PM
9:43 PM9:44 PM9:49 PM9:54 PM9:58 PM
9:52 PM9:53 PM9:58 PM10:03 PM10:07 PM
10:02 PM10:03 PM10:08 PM10:13 PM10:17 PM
10:11 PM10:12 PM10:17 PM10:22 PM10:26 PM
10:21 PM10:22 PM10:27 PM10:32 PM10:36 PM
10:30 PM10:31 PM10:36 PM10:41 PM10:45 PM
10:39 PM10:40 PM10:45 PM10:50 PM10:54 PM
10:48 PM10:49 PM10:54 PM10:59 PM11:03 PM
10:57 PM10:58 PM11:03 PM11:08 PM11:12 PM
11:06 PM11:07 PM11:12 PM11:17 PM11:21 PM
11:15 PM11:16 PM11:21 PM11:26 PM11:30 PM
11:24 PM11:25 PM11:30 PM11:35 PM11:39 PM
11:33 PM11:34 PM11:39 PM11:44 PM11:48 PM
11:42 PM11:43 PM11:48 PM11:53 PM11:57 PM
11:51 PM11:52 PM11:57 PM12:02 AM12:06 AM
12:00 AM12:01 AM12:06 AM12:12 AM12:16 AM
12:10 AM12:11 AM12:16 AM12:22 AM12:26 AM