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Service Alerts

  • Rapid Central Station is now open.



WEEKDAY A.M. PEAK SERVICE Leave Gaines Township Meijer, straight to Marketplace Drive Right on Marketplace Drive to Kalamazoo Right on Kalamazoo to Eastport Left on Eastport to Woodfield Drive Left (south) on Eastern to Woodfield Drive Right (west) on Woodfield Drive around to 60th Street
Note: PM Northbound Route begins at Woodfield Drive. Right (east) on 60th to Eastern Left (north) on Eastern to Cherry Left (west) on Cherry to State Right (west) on State to Jefferson Right (north) on Jefferson to Fulton Left (west) on Fulton to Ottawa End at Rapid Central Station. WEEKNIGHT AND WEEKEND SERVICE Buses start of Eastport and 60th, then follow the rest of the weekday peak description


WEEKDAY A.M. PEAK SERVICE Leave Rapid Central Station to Fulton Right (east) on Fulton to Jefferson Right (south) on Jefferson to State Left (east) on State to Cherry Left (east) on Cherry to Eastern Right (south) on Eastern to 52nd Left (east) on 52nd to Kalamazoo Right (south) on Kalamazoo to Marketplace Drive Left on Marketplace Drive to bus stop at Meijer
Note: PM Southbound Route continues as described below. Leave Meijer, straight to Marketplace Drive Right on Marketplace Drive to Kalamazoo Right on Kalamazoo to Eastport Left on Eastport to Ridgebrook Drive Right on Ridgebrook Drive to 60th Left on 60th to Eastern Left on Eastern to Woodfield Drive Right on Woodfield Drive to bus stop


LocationTransfer to Route(s)
Central StationSL, 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 18
Eastern & Wealthy5
Eastern & Franklin2
Eastern & Burton24
Eastern & 28th Street28
Eastern & 44th Street44
Gaines MeijerWoodfield Apartments52nd @ Eastern44th @ Eastern36th @ Eastern28th @ EasternBurton @ EasternFranklin @ EasternCherry @ EasternFulton @ SheldonCentral Station
4:55 AM5:02 AM5:05 AM5:08 AM5:11 AM5:14 AM5:17 AM5:22 AM5:25 AM5:29 AM5:35 AM
5:25 AM5:32 AM5:35 AM5:38 AM5:41 AM5:44 AM5:47 AM5:52 AM5:55 AM5:59 AM6:05 AM
--------------------6:20 AM
5:55 AM6:02 AM6:05 AM6:08 AM6:11 AM6:14 AM6:17 AM6:22 AM6:25 AM6:29 AM6:35 AM
6:10 AM6:17 AM6:20 AM6:23 AM6:26 AM6:29 AM6:32 AM6:37 AM6:40 AM6:44 AM6:50 AM
6:25 AM6:32 AM6:35 AM6:38 AM6:41 AM6:44 AM6:47 AM6:52 AM6:55 AM6:59 AM7:05 AM
6:40 AM6:47 AM6:50 AM6:53 AM6:56 AM6:59 AM7:02 AM7:07 AM7:10 AM7:14 AM7:20 AM
6:55 AM7:02 AM7:05 AM7:08 AM7:11 AM7:14 AM7:17 AM7:22 AM7:25 AM7:29 AM7:35 AM
7:10 AM7:17 AM7:20 AM7:23 AM7:26 AM7:29 AM7:32 AM7:37 AM7:40 AM7:44 AM7:50 AM
7:25 AM7:32 AM7:35 AM7:38 AM7:41 AM7:44 AM7:47 AM7:52 AM7:55 AM7:59 AM8:05 AM
7:40 AM7:47 AM7:50 AM7:53 AM7:56 AM7:59 AM8:02 AM8:07 AM8:10 AM8:14 AM8:20 AM
7:55 AM8:02 AM8:05 AM8:08 AM8:11 AM8:14 AM8:17 AM8:22 AM8:25 AM8:29 AM8:35 AM
8:10 AM8:17 AM8:20 AM8:23 AM8:26 AM8:29 AM8:32 AM8:37 AM8:40 AM8:44 AM8:50 AM
8:25 AM8:32 AM8:35 AM8:38 AM8:41 AM8:44 AM8:47 AM8:52 AM8:55 AM8:59 AM9:05 AM
8:40 AM8:47 AM8:50 AM8:53 AM8:56 AM8:59 AM9:02 AM9:07 AM9:10 AM9:14 AM9:20 AM
8:55 AM9:02 AM9:05 AM9:08 AM9:11 AM9:14 AM9:17 AM9:22 AM9:25 AM9:29 AM9:35 AM
9:10 AM9:17 AM9:20 AM9:23 AM9:26 AM9:29 AM9:32 AM9:37 AM9:40 AM9:44 AM9:50 AM
9:25 AM9:32 AM9:35 AM9:38 AM9:41 AM9:44 AM9:47 AM9:52 AM9:55 AM9:59 AM10:05 AM
9:40 AM9:47 AM9:50 AM9:53 AM9:56 AM9:59 AM10:02 AM10:07 AM10:10 AM10:14 AM10:20 AM
9:55 AM10:02 AM10:05 AM10:08 AM10:11 AM10:14 AM10:17 AM10:22 AM10:25 AM10:29 AM10:35 AM
10:10 AM10:17 AM10:20 AM10:23 AM10:26 AM10:29 AM10:32 AM10:37 AM10:40 AM10:44 AM10:50 AM
10:25 AM10:32 AM10:35 AM10:38 AM10:41 AM10:44 AM10:47 AM10:52 AM10:55 AM10:59 AM11:05 AM
10:40 AM10:47 AM10:50 AM10:53 AM10:56 AM10:59 AM11:02 AM11:07 AM11:10 AM11:14 AM11:20 AM
10:55 AM11:02 AM11:05 AM11:08 AM11:11 AM11:14 AM11:17 AM11:22 AM11:25 AM11:29 AM11:35 AM
11:10 AM11:17 AM11:20 AM11:23 AM11:26 AM11:29 AM11:32 AM11:37 AM11:40 AM11:44 AM11:50 AM
11:25 AM11:32 AM11:35 AM11:38 AM11:41 AM11:44 AM11:47 AM11:52 AM11:55 AM11:59 AM12:05 PM
11:40 AM11:47 AM11:50 AM11:53 AM11:56 AM11:59 AM12:02 PM12:07 PM12:10 PM12:14 PM12:20 PM
11:55 AM12:02 PM12:05 PM12:08 PM12:11 PM12:14 PM12:17 PM12:22 PM12:25 PM12:29 PM12:35 PM
12:10 PM12:17 PM12:20 PM12:23 PM12:26 PM12:29 PM12:32 PM12:37 PM12:40 PM12:44 PM12:50 PM
12:25 PM12:32 PM12:35 PM12:38 PM12:41 PM12:44 PM12:47 PM12:52 PM12:55 PM12:59 PM1:05 PM
12:40 PM12:47 PM12:50 PM12:53 PM12:56 PM12:59 PM1:02 PM1:07 PM1:10 PM1:14 PM1:20 PM
12:55 PM1:02 PM1:05 PM1:08 PM1:11 PM1:14 PM1:17 PM1:22 PM1:25 PM1:29 PM1:35 PM
1:10 PM1:17 PM1:20 PM1:23 PM1:26 PM1:29 PM1:32 PM1:37 PM1:40 PM1:44 PM1:50 PM
1:25 PM1:32 PM1:35 PM1:38 PM1:41 PM1:44 PM1:47 PM1:52 PM1:55 PM1:59 PM2:05 PM
1:40 PM1:47 PM1:50 PM1:53 PM1:56 PM1:59 PM2:02 PM2:07 PM2:10 PM2:14 PM2:20 PM
1:55 PM2:02 PM2:05 PM2:08 PM2:11 PM2:14 PM2:17 PM2:22 PM2:25 PM2:29 PM2:35 PM
2:10 PM2:17 PM2:20 PM2:23 PM2:26 PM2:29 PM2:32 PM2:37 PM2:40 PM2:44 PM2:50 PM
2:25 PM2:32 PM2:35 PM2:38 PM2:41 PM2:44 PM2:47 PM2:52 PM2:55 PM2:59 PM3:05 PM
2:38 PM2:45 PM2:48 PM2:51 PM2:54 PM2:57 PM3:00 PM3:06 PM3:10 PM3:14 PM3:20 PM
2:52 PM3:00 PM3:03 PM3:06 PM3:09 PM3:12 PM3:15 PM3:21 PM3:25 PM3:29 PM3:35 PM
3:07 PM3:15 PM3:18 PM3:21 PM3:24 PM3:27 PM3:30 PM3:36 PM3:40 PM3:44 PM3:50 PM
3:22 PM3:30 PM3:33 PM3:36 PM3:39 PM3:42 PM3:45 PM3:51 PM3:55 PM3:59 PM4:05 PM
3:37 PM3:45 PM3:48 PM3:51 PM3:54 PM3:57 PM4:00 PM4:06 PM4:10 PM4:14 PM4:20 PM
3:52 PM4:00 PM4:03 PM4:06 PM4:09 PM4:12 PM4:15 PM4:21 PM4:25 PM4:29 PM4:35 PM
4:07 PM4:15 PM4:18 PM4:21 PM4:24 PM4:27 PM4:30 PM4:36 PM4:40 PM4:44 PM4:50 PM
4:22 PM4:30 PM4:33 PM4:36 PM4:39 PM4:42 PM4:45 PM4:51 PM4:55 PM4:59 PM5:05 PM
4:37 PM4:45 PM4:48 PM4:51 PM4:54 PM4:57 PM5:00 PM5:06 PM5:10 PM5:14 PM5:20 PM
4:52 PM5:00 PM5:03 PM5:06 PM5:09 PM5:12 PM5:15 PM5:21 PM5:25 PM5:29 PM5:35 PM
5:07 PM5:15 PM5:18 PM5:21 PM5:24 PM5:27 PM5:30 PM5:36 PM5:40 PM5:44 PM5:50 PM
5:22 PM5:30 PM5:33 PM5:36 PM5:39 PM5:42 PM5:45 PM5:51 PM5:55 PM5:59 PM6:05 PM
5:55 PM6:02 PM6:05 PM6:08 PM6:11 PM6:14 PM6:17 PM6:22 PM6:25 PM6:29 PM6:35 PM
6:25 PM6:32 PM6:35 PM6:38 PM6:41 PM6:44 PM6:47 PM6:52 PM6:55 PM6:59 PM7:05 PM
6:40 PM6:47 PM6:50 PM6:53 PM6:56 PM6:59 PM7:02 PM7:07 PM7:10 PM7:14 PM7:20 PM
--7:02 PM7:05 PM7:08 PM7:11 PM7:14 PM7:17 PM7:22 PM7:25 PM7:29 PM7:35 PM
--7:32 PM7:35 PM7:38 PM7:41 PM7:44 PM7:47 PM7:52 PM7:55 PM7:59 PM8:05 PM
--8:02 PM8:05 PM8:08 PM8:11 PM8:14 PM8:17 PM8:22 PM8:25 PM8:29 PM8:35 PM
--8:32 PM8:35 PM8:38 PM8:41 PM8:44 PM8:47 PM8:52 PM8:55 PM8:59 PM9:05 PM
--9:02 PM9:05 PM9:08 PM9:11 PM9:14 PM9:17 PM9:22 PM9:25 PM9:29 PM9:35 PM
--9:32 PM9:35 PM9:38 PM9:41 PM9:44 PM9:47 PM9:52 PM9:55 PM9:59 PM10:05 PM
--10:02 PM10:05 PM10:08 PM10:11 PM10:14 PM10:17 PM10:22 PM10:25 PM10:29 PM10:35 PM


  1. Kalamazoo at Gaines Meijer (#1570)
  2. Marketplace east of Kalamazoo WB (#1569)
  3. Eastport west of Kalamazoo WB (#1578)
  4. Eastport at Saffron WB (#1580)
  5. Eastport at Ridgebrook WB (#1581)
  6. Ridgebrook south of 60th NB (#1579)
  7. 60th across from Kentwood Community Chur (#1586)
  8. 60th at Ridge Glen WB (#1591)
  9. Woodfield Place (#1601)
  10. 60th across from Leisure South EB (#1611)
  11. Eastern at 59th NB (#1616)
  12. Eastern north of Tierra NB (#1621)
  13. Eastern at Bellewood NB (#1626)
  14. Eastern at Springwood NB (#1631)
  15. Eastern north of Hardwick NB (#1636)
  16. Eastern at 52nd NB (#1637)
  17. Eastern at Andover NB (#1641)
  18. Eastern at 48th NB (#1646)
  19. Eastern at Edsel NB (#1651)
  20. Eastern south of 44th NB (#1653)
  21. Eastern at Steelcase Entrance NB (#1661)
  22. Eastern at 4100 Eastern NB (#1663)
  23. Eastern at 40th NB (#1666)
  24. Eastern across from Himes NB (#1671)
  25. Eastern south of 36th NB (#1672)
  26. Eastern north of 36th NB (#1675)
  27. Eastern at Pastiche NB (#1681)
  28. Eastern at 32nd NB (#1686)
  29. Eastern at 3030 Eastern NB (#1691)
  30. Eastern at Laraway NB (#1696)
  31. Eastern at Everglade NB (#1701)
  32. Eastern north of Mayhew Wood NB (#1706)
  33. Eastern at Alger NB (#1711)
  34. Eastern at North Ottillia NB (#1716)
  35. Eastern south of Burton NB (#1721)
  36. Eastern at Ardmore NB (#1726)
  37. Eastern at Griggs NB (#1731)
  38. Eastern across from Crofton NB (#1741)
  39. Eastern at Oakdale NB (#1746)
  40. Eastern at Hall NB (#1751)
  41. Eastern at Alexander NB (#1761)
  42. Eastern at Prince NB (#1766)
  43. Eastern at Franklin NB (#1770)
  44. Eastern at Sherman NB (#1781)
  45. Eastern at Logan NB (#1786)
  46. Eastern at Wealthy NB (#1790)
  47. Cherry at Eastern WB (#1792)
  48. Cherry across from Paris WB (#1801)
  49. Cherry at College WB (#1806)
  50. Cherry at Madison WB (#1811)
  51. State at Lafayette WB (#1816)
  52. Jefferson north of State (NB) (#1326)
  53. Fulton at Sheldon WB (#1332)
  54. Fulton at Louis WB (#461)
  55. Ottawa at Fulton SB (#471)
  56. Grandville at Oakes (SB) (#475)
  57. Rapid Central Station (#1)


  1. Rapid Central Station (#1)
  2. Grandville at Cherry (NB) (#4455)
  3. Oakes east of Grandville EB (#6)
  4. Fulton at Van Andel (EB) (#16)
  5. Fulton at Sheldon EB (#17)
  6. State at Jefferson EB (#1381)
  7. State at Lafayette EB (#1386)
  8. Cherry at Madison EB (#1391)
  9. Cherry at College EB (#1396)
  10. Cherry at Union EB (#1401)
  11. Cherry at Eastern EB (#1407)
  12. Eastern at Wealthy SB (#1410)
  13. Eastern at Logan SB (#1416)
  14. Eastern at Sherman SB (#1418)
  15. Eastern at Franklin SB (#1425)
  16. Eastern at Prince SB (#1431)
  17. Eastern across from Alexander SB (#1436)
  18. Eastern at Hall SB (#1446)
  19. Eastern at Oakdale SB (#1451)
  20. Eastern at Crofton SB (#1456)
  21. Eastern at Griggs SB (#1466)
  22. Eastern at Ardmore SB (#1471)
  23. Eastern south of Burton SB (#1476)
  24. Eastern at Ottillia SB (#1481)
  25. Eastern at Alger SB (#1483)
  26. Eastern at Billantou SB (#1486)
  27. Eastern at 28th SB (#1487)
  28. Eastern across from Laraway SB (#1496)
  29. Eastern at 3001 Eastern SB (#1501)
  30. Eastern at 32nd SB (#1506)
  31. Eastern at 3417 Eastern SB (#1511)
  32. Eastern at 36th (SB) (#1201)
  33. Eastern at Rusty SB (#1521)
  34. Eastern at 40th SB (#1526)
  35. Eastern at 4147 Eastern SB (#1529)
  36. Eastern at 4247 Eastern SB (#1530)
  37. Eastern at 44th SB (#1531)
  38. Eastern across from Edsel SB (#1532)
  39. Eastern at 48th SB (#1536)
  40. Eastern at Lyles SB (#1541)
  41. 52nd east of Eastern EB (#1542)
  42. 52nd at Burgis EB (#1549)
  43. 52nd at Christie EB (#1551)
  44. 52nd at Kalamazoo EB (#1552)
  45. Kalamazoo across from Pembroke SB (#1561)
  46. Kalamazoo at Gentian SB (#1562)
  47. Kalamazoo at Christie SB (#1566)
  48. Kalamazoo north of 60th SB (#1567)
  49. Kalamazoo south of 60th SB (#1576)
  50. Kalamazoo at Eastport SB (#1577)
  51. Marketplace east of Kalamazoo EB (#1568)
  52. Kalamazoo at Gaines Meijer (#1570)
  53. Marketplace east of Kalamazoo WB (#1569)
  54. Eastport west of Kalamazoo WB (#1578)
  55. Eastport at Saffron WB (#1580)
  56. Eastport at Ridgebrook WB (#1581)
  57. Ridgebrook south of 60th NB (#1579)
  58. 60th across from Kentwood Community Chur (#1586)
  59. 60th at Ridge Glen WB (#1591)
  60. Woodfield Place (#1601)