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Laker Line

Service Alerts

  • Laker Line going onto the highway is over.



Leave Kirkhof Center terminal Right on Campus Drive to Lake Michigan Drive Right on Lake Michigan Dr to Walker Fire Station Right on Kinney to Lake Michigan Dr Right on Lake Michigan Drive to Fulton Right on Fulton to Seward Left on Seward to Lake Michigan Dr Right on Lake Michigan Drive to Mt Vernon Left on Front to Pearl Right on Pearl to Monroe Left on Monroe to Michigan Right on Michigan to Lafayette Left on Lafayette to DeVos Center for Health Sciences terminal


Leave Cook - DeVos Center for Health Sciences terminal on Michigan Left on Lafayette to Hastings Left on Hastings to Coit Right on Michigan to Monroe Left on Monroe to Fulton Right on Fulton to Mt Vernon Right on Mt Vernon to Front Right on Front to Pearl Left on Pearl to Seward Left on Seward to Fulton Right on Fulton to Lk Michigan Dr Right on Kinney to 1st drive past carwash Left to shelter behind Walker Fire Station Left to follow drive to Lake Michigan Right on Lake Michigan to Campus Drive Left on Campus Drive to Kirkhof Center
Note: Eastbound and Westbound route runs weekdays and weekends. Additional weekend routes are:
Off Campus Apartment Trips: Begin at Kirkhof Center right on Campus Drive to Lake Michigan Drive, left on Lake Michigan Drive to 48th, left on 48th to West Campus Drive, right on West Campus Drive to Cul-de-sac turn around back to 48th, right on 48th to Luce, left on Luce to 42nd , left on 42nd to Campus View Drive, left on Campus View Drive to Laker Lane, right on Laker Lane to Pierce, right on Pierce to Campus Drive, left on Campus Drive to Kirkhof Center.
CHS Trips: Begin at Pew Campus, Front to Pearl, left on Pearl to Seward, right on Seward to Bridge, right on Bridge to Michigan to Lafayette, left on Lafayette to turn right into CHS's parking lot, follow through to east side of building to exit onto Michigan, right on Michigan to Barclay, left on Barclay to Lyon, right on Lyon to Monroe, left on Monroe to Cherry, left on Cherry to Enter Central Station, Park on South Side of Platform. Leave Central Station via Cherry, left on Cherry to Market, right on Market to Fulton, left on Fulton to Mt. Vernon, right on Mt. Vernon to Front.
Trips to Central Station: Front to Pearl, right on Pearl to Monroe to Market to Cherry, left on Cherry to enter Central Station park at south end of platform. Leave Central Station via Cherry, left on Cherry to Market, right on Market to Fulton, left on Fulton to Mt. Vernon, right on Mt. Vernon to Front.


LocationTransfer to Route(s)
Kirkof Center37, 48, 85
Mackinac Hall37
Monroe & LouisSL, 9, 11
DeVos PlaceSL, 11
Medical MileSL, 11, 13
Lafayette11, 13
Kirkhof CenterMackinac HallFerndale Ave StationCummings Ave StationStandale Trail StationMaynard Ave StationCovell Ave StationJohn Ball StationStraight Ave StationPew CampusMonroe / Louis StationDevos Place StationMedical Mile StationLafayette Ave StationMedical Mile StationDevos Place StationMonroe / Louis StationPew Campus
6:06 AM6:07 AM6:16 AM6:18 AM6:20 AM6:21 AM6:24 AM6:26 AM6:27 AM6:30 AM6:32 AM6:34 AM6:36 AM6:40 AM6:42 AM6:44 AM6:46 AM6:49 AM
6:20 AM6:21 AM6:30 AM6:32 AM6:34 AM6:35 AM6:38 AM6:40 AM6:41 AM6:44 AM6:46 AM6:48 AM6:50 AM6:54 AM6:56 AM6:58 AM7:00 AM7:03 AM
6:34 AM6:35 AM6:44 AM6:46 AM6:48 AM6:49 AM6:52 AM6:54 AM6:55 AM6:58 AM7:00 AM7:02 AM7:04 AM7:08 AM7:10 AM7:12 AM7:14 AM7:17 AM
6:48 AM6:49 AM6:58 AM7:00 AM7:02 AM7:03 AM7:06 AM7:08 AM7:09 AM7:12 AM7:14 AM7:16 AM7:18 AM7:22 AM7:24 AM7:26 AM7:28 AM7:31 AM
7:02 AM7:03 AM7:12 AM7:14 AM7:16 AM7:17 AM7:20 AM7:22 AM7:23 AM7:26 AM7:28 AM7:30 AM7:32 AM7:36 AM7:38 AM7:40 AM7:42 AM7:45 AM
7:16 AM7:17 AM7:26 AM7:28 AM7:30 AM7:31 AM7:34 AM7:36 AM7:37 AM7:40 AM7:42 AM7:44 AM7:46 AM7:50 AM7:52 AM7:54 AM7:56 AM7:59 AM
7:30 AM7:31 AM7:40 AM7:42 AM7:44 AM7:45 AM7:48 AM7:50 AM7:51 AM7:54 AM7:56 AM7:58 AM8:00 AM8:04 AM8:06 AM8:08 AM8:10 AM8:13 AM
7:44 AM7:45 AM7:54 AM7:56 AM7:58 AM7:59 AM8:02 AM8:04 AM8:05 AM8:08 AM8:10 AM8:12 AM8:14 AM8:18 AM8:20 AM8:22 AM8:24 AM8:27 AM
7:58 AM7:59 AM8:08 AM8:10 AM8:12 AM8:13 AM8:16 AM8:18 AM8:19 AM8:22 AM8:24 AM8:26 AM8:28 AM8:32 AM8:34 AM8:36 AM8:38 AM8:41 AM
8:12 AM8:13 AM8:22 AM8:24 AM8:26 AM8:27 AM8:30 AM8:32 AM8:33 AM8:36 AM8:38 AM8:40 AM8:42 AM8:46 AM8:48 AM8:50 AM8:52 AM8:55 AM
8:26 AM8:27 AM8:36 AM8:38 AM8:40 AM8:41 AM8:44 AM8:46 AM8:47 AM8:50 AM8:52 AM8:54 AM8:56 AM9:00 AM9:02 AM9:04 AM9:06 AM9:09 AM
8:40 AM8:41 AM8:50 AM8:52 AM8:54 AM8:55 AM8:58 AM9:00 AM9:01 AM9:04 AM9:06 AM9:08 AM9:10 AM9:14 AM9:16 AM9:18 AM9:20 AM9:23 AM
8:54 AM8:55 AM9:04 AM9:06 AM9:08 AM9:09 AM9:12 AM9:14 AM9:15 AM9:18 AM9:20 AM9:22 AM9:24 AM9:28 AM9:30 AM9:32 AM9:34 AM9:37 AM
9:08 AM9:09 AM9:18 AM9:20 AM9:22 AM9:23 AM9:26 AM9:28 AM9:29 AM9:32 AM9:34 AM9:36 AM9:38 AM9:42 AM9:44 AM9:46 AM9:48 AM9:51 AM
9:22 AM9:23 AM9:32 AM9:34 AM9:36 AM9:37 AM9:40 AM9:42 AM9:43 AM9:46 AM9:48 AM9:50 AM9:52 AM9:56 AM9:58 AM10:00 AM10:02 AM10:05 AM
9:36 AM9:37 AM9:46 AM9:48 AM9:50 AM9:51 AM9:54 AM9:56 AM9:57 AM10:00 AM10:02 AM10:04 AM10:06 AM10:10 AM10:12 AM10:14 AM10:16 AM10:19 AM
9:50 AM9:51 AM10:00 AM10:02 AM10:04 AM10:05 AM10:08 AM10:10 AM10:11 AM10:14 AM10:16 AM10:18 AM10:20 AM10:24 AM10:26 AM10:28 AM10:30 AM10:33 AM
10:04 AM10:05 AM10:14 AM10:16 AM10:18 AM10:19 AM10:22 AM10:24 AM10:25 AM10:28 AM10:30 AM10:32 AM10:34 AM10:38 AM10:40 AM10:42 AM10:44 AM10:47 AM
10:18 AM10:19 AM10:28 AM10:30 AM10:32 AM10:33 AM10:36 AM10:38 AM10:39 AM10:42 AM10:44 AM10:46 AM10:48 AM10:52 AM10:54 AM10:56 AM10:58 AM11:01 AM
10:32 AM10:33 AM10:42 AM10:44 AM10:46 AM10:47 AM10:50 AM10:52 AM10:53 AM10:56 AM10:58 AM11:00 AM11:02 AM11:06 AM11:08 AM11:10 AM11:12 AM11:15 AM
10:46 AM10:47 AM10:56 AM10:58 AM11:00 AM11:01 AM11:04 AM11:06 AM11:07 AM11:10 AM11:12 AM11:14 AM11:16 AM11:20 AM11:22 AM11:24 AM11:26 AM11:29 AM
11:00 AM11:01 AM11:10 AM11:12 AM11:14 AM11:15 AM11:18 AM11:20 AM11:21 AM11:24 AM11:26 AM11:28 AM11:30 AM11:34 AM11:36 AM11:38 AM11:40 AM11:43 AM
11:14 AM11:15 AM11:24 AM11:26 AM11:28 AM11:29 AM11:32 AM11:34 AM11:35 AM11:38 AM11:40 AM11:42 AM11:44 AM11:48 AM11:50 AM11:52 AM11:54 AM11:57 AM
11:28 AM11:29 AM11:38 AM11:40 AM11:42 AM11:43 AM11:46 AM11:48 AM11:49 AM11:52 AM11:54 AM11:56 AM11:58 AM12:02 PM12:04 PM12:06 PM12:08 PM12:11 PM
11:42 AM11:43 AM11:52 AM11:54 AM11:56 AM11:57 AM12:00 PM12:02 PM12:03 PM12:06 PM12:08 PM12:10 PM12:12 PM12:16 PM12:18 PM12:20 PM12:22 PM12:25 PM
11:56 AM11:57 AM12:06 PM12:08 PM12:10 PM12:11 PM12:14 PM12:16 PM12:17 PM12:20 PM12:22 PM12:24 PM12:26 PM12:30 PM12:32 PM12:34 PM12:36 PM12:39 PM
12:10 PM12:11 PM12:20 PM12:22 PM12:24 PM12:25 PM12:28 PM12:30 PM12:31 PM12:34 PM12:36 PM12:38 PM12:40 PM12:44 PM12:46 PM12:48 PM12:50 PM12:53 PM
12:24 PM12:25 PM12:34 PM12:36 PM12:38 PM12:39 PM12:42 PM12:44 PM12:45 PM12:48 PM12:50 PM12:52 PM12:54 PM12:58 PM1:00 PM1:02 PM1:04 PM1:07 PM
12:38 PM12:39 PM12:48 PM12:50 PM12:52 PM12:53 PM12:56 PM12:58 PM12:59 PM1:02 PM1:04 PM1:06 PM1:08 PM1:12 PM1:14 PM1:16 PM1:18 PM1:21 PM
12:52 PM12:53 PM1:02 PM1:04 PM1:06 PM1:07 PM1:10 PM1:12 PM1:13 PM1:16 PM1:18 PM1:20 PM1:22 PM1:26 PM1:28 PM1:30 PM1:32 PM1:35 PM
1:06 PM1:07 PM1:16 PM1:18 PM1:20 PM1:21 PM1:24 PM1:26 PM1:27 PM1:30 PM1:32 PM1:34 PM1:36 PM1:40 PM1:42 PM1:44 PM1:46 PM1:49 PM
1:20 PM1:21 PM1:30 PM1:32 PM1:34 PM1:35 PM1:38 PM1:40 PM1:41 PM1:44 PM1:46 PM1:48 PM1:50 PM1:54 PM1:56 PM1:58 PM2:00 PM2:03 PM
1:34 PM1:35 PM1:44 PM1:46 PM1:48 PM1:49 PM1:52 PM1:54 PM1:55 PM1:58 PM2:00 PM2:02 PM2:04 PM2:08 PM2:10 PM2:12 PM2:14 PM2:17 PM
1:48 PM1:49 PM1:58 PM2:00 PM2:02 PM2:03 PM2:06 PM2:08 PM2:09 PM2:12 PM2:14 PM2:16 PM2:18 PM2:22 PM2:24 PM2:26 PM2:28 PM2:31 PM
2:02 PM2:03 PM2:12 PM2:14 PM2:16 PM2:17 PM2:20 PM2:22 PM2:23 PM2:26 PM2:28 PM2:30 PM2:32 PM2:36 PM2:38 PM2:40 PM2:42 PM2:45 PM
2:16 PM2:17 PM2:26 PM2:28 PM2:30 PM2:31 PM2:34 PM2:36 PM2:37 PM2:40 PM2:42 PM2:44 PM2:46 PM2:50 PM2:52 PM2:54 PM2:56 PM2:59 PM
2:30 PM2:31 PM2:40 PM2:42 PM2:44 PM2:45 PM2:48 PM2:50 PM2:51 PM2:54 PM2:56 PM2:58 PM3:00 PM3:04 PM3:06 PM3:08 PM3:10 PM3:13 PM
2:44 PM2:45 PM2:54 PM2:56 PM2:58 PM2:59 PM3:02 PM3:04 PM3:05 PM3:08 PM3:10 PM3:12 PM3:14 PM3:18 PM3:20 PM3:22 PM3:24 PM3:27 PM
2:58 PM2:59 PM3:08 PM3:10 PM3:12 PM3:13 PM3:16 PM3:18 PM3:19 PM3:22 PM3:24 PM3:26 PM3:28 PM3:32 PM3:34 PM3:36 PM3:38 PM3:41 PM
3:12 PM3:13 PM3:22 PM3:24 PM3:26 PM3:27 PM3:30 PM3:32 PM3:33 PM3:36 PM3:38 PM3:40 PM3:42 PM3:46 PM3:48 PM3:50 PM3:52 PM3:55 PM
3:26 PM3:27 PM3:36 PM3:38 PM3:40 PM3:41 PM3:44 PM3:46 PM3:47 PM3:50 PM3:52 PM3:54 PM3:56 PM4:00 PM4:02 PM4:04 PM4:06 PM4:09 PM
3:40 PM3:41 PM3:50 PM3:52 PM3:54 PM3:55 PM3:58 PM4:00 PM4:01 PM4:04 PM4:06 PM4:08 PM4:10 PM4:14 PM4:16 PM4:18 PM4:20 PM4:23 PM
3:54 PM3:55 PM4:04 PM4:06 PM4:08 PM4:09 PM4:12 PM4:14 PM4:15 PM4:18 PM4:20 PM4:22 PM4:24 PM4:28 PM4:30 PM4:32 PM4:34 PM4:37 PM
4:08 PM4:09 PM4:18 PM4:20 PM4:22 PM4:23 PM4:26 PM4:28 PM4:29 PM4:32 PM4:34 PM4:36 PM4:38 PM4:42 PM4:44 PM4:46 PM4:48 PM4:51 PM
4:22 PM4:23 PM4:32 PM4:34 PM4:36 PM4:37 PM4:40 PM4:42 PM4:43 PM4:46 PM4:48 PM4:50 PM4:52 PM4:56 PM4:58 PM5:00 PM5:02 PM5:05 PM
4:36 PM4:37 PM4:46 PM4:48 PM4:50 PM4:51 PM4:54 PM4:56 PM4:57 PM5:00 PM5:02 PM5:04 PM5:06 PM5:10 PM5:12 PM5:14 PM5:16 PM5:19 PM
4:50 PM4:51 PM5:00 PM5:02 PM5:04 PM5:05 PM5:08 PM5:10 PM5:11 PM5:14 PM5:16 PM5:18 PM5:20 PM5:24 PM5:26 PM5:28 PM5:30 PM5:33 PM
5:04 PM5:05 PM5:14 PM5:16 PM5:18 PM5:19 PM5:22 PM5:24 PM5:25 PM5:28 PM5:30 PM5:32 PM5:34 PM5:38 PM5:40 PM5:42 PM5:44 PM5:47 PM
5:18 PM5:19 PM5:28 PM5:30 PM5:32 PM5:33 PM5:36 PM5:38 PM5:39 PM5:42 PM5:44 PM5:46 PM5:48 PM5:52 PM5:54 PM5:56 PM5:58 PM6:01 PM
5:32 PM5:33 PM5:42 PM5:44 PM5:46 PM5:47 PM5:50 PM5:52 PM5:53 PM5:56 PM5:58 PM6:00 PM6:02 PM6:06 PM6:08 PM6:10 PM6:12 PM6:15 PM
5:46 PM5:47 PM5:56 PM5:58 PM6:00 PM6:01 PM6:04 PM6:06 PM6:07 PM6:10 PM6:12 PM6:14 PM6:16 PM6:20 PM6:22 PM6:24 PM6:26 PM6:29 PM
6:00 PM6:01 PM6:10 PM6:12 PM6:14 PM6:15 PM6:18 PM6:20 PM6:21 PM6:24 PM6:26 PM6:28 PM6:30 PM6:34 PM6:36 PM6:38 PM6:40 PM6:43 PM
6:14 PM6:15 PM6:24 PM6:26 PM6:28 PM6:29 PM6:32 PM6:34 PM6:35 PM6:38 PM6:40 PM6:42 PM6:44 PM6:48 PM6:50 PM6:52 PM6:54 PM6:57 PM
6:28 PM6:29 PM6:38 PM6:40 PM6:42 PM6:43 PM6:46 PM6:48 PM6:49 PM6:52 PM6:54 PM6:56 PM6:58 PM7:02 PM7:04 PM7:06 PM7:08 PM7:11 PM
6:42 PM6:43 PM6:52 PM6:54 PM6:56 PM6:57 PM7:00 PM7:02 PM7:03 PM7:06 PM7:08 PM7:10 PM7:12 PM7:16 PM--------
6:49 PM6:50 PM6:59 PM7:01 PM7:03 PM7:04 PM7:07 PM7:09 PM7:10 PM7:13 PM7:15 PM7:17 PM7:19 PM7:23 PM7:25 PM7:27 PM7:29 PM7:32 PM
7:10 PM7:11 PM7:20 PM7:22 PM7:24 PM7:25 PM7:28 PM7:30 PM7:31 PM7:34 PM7:36 PM7:38 PM7:40 PM7:44 PM7:46 PM7:48 PM7:50 PM7:53 PM
7:17 PM7:18 PM7:27 PM7:29 PM7:31 PM7:32 PM7:35 PM7:37 PM7:38 PM7:41 PM7:43 PM7:45 PM7:47 PM7:51 PM--------
7:31 PM7:32 PM7:41 PM7:43 PM7:45 PM7:46 PM7:49 PM7:51 PM7:52 PM7:55 PM7:57 PM7:59 PM8:01 PM8:05 PM8:07 PM8:09 PM8:11 PM8:14 PM
7:52 PM7:53 PM8:02 PM8:04 PM8:06 PM8:07 PM8:10 PM8:12 PM8:13 PM8:16 PM8:18 PM8:20 PM8:22 PM8:26 PM8:28 PM8:30 PM8:32 PM8:35 PM
8:13 PM8:14 PM8:23 PM8:25 PM8:27 PM8:28 PM8:31 PM8:33 PM8:34 PM8:37 PM8:39 PM8:41 PM8:43 PM8:47 PM8:49 PM8:51 PM8:53 PM8:56 PM
8:34 PM8:35 PM8:44 PM8:46 PM8:48 PM8:49 PM8:52 PM8:54 PM8:55 PM8:58 PM9:00 PM9:02 PM9:04 PM9:08 PM9:10 PM9:12 PM9:14 PM9:17 PM
8:50 PM8:51 PM9:00 PM9:02 PM9:04 PM9:05 PM9:08 PM9:10 PM9:11 PM9:14 PM9:16 PM9:18 PM9:20 PM9:24 PM9:26 PM9:28 PM9:30 PM9:33 PM
9:11 PM9:12 PM9:21 PM9:23 PM9:25 PM9:26 PM9:29 PM9:31 PM9:32 PM9:35 PM9:37 PM9:39 PM9:41 PM9:45 PM9:47 PM9:49 PM9:51 PM9:54 PM
9:32 PM9:33 PM9:42 PM9:44 PM9:46 PM9:47 PM9:50 PM9:52 PM9:53 PM9:56 PM9:58 PM10:00 PM10:02 PM10:06 PM10:08 PM10:10 PM10:12 PM10:15 PM
9:53 PM9:54 PM10:03 PM10:05 PM10:07 PM10:08 PM10:11 PM10:13 PM10:14 PM10:17 PM10:19 PM10:21 PM10:23 PM10:27 PM10:29 PM10:31 PM10:33 PM10:36 PM
10:08 PM10:09 PM10:18 PM10:20 PM10:22 PM10:23 PM10:26 PM10:28 PM10:29 PM10:32 PM----------------
10:29 PM10:30 PM10:39 PM10:41 PM10:43 PM10:44 PM10:47 PM10:49 PM10:50 PM10:53 PM----------------
10:50 PM10:51 PM11:00 PM11:02 PM11:04 PM11:05 PM11:08 PM11:10 PM11:11 PM11:14 PM----------------
11:11 PM11:12 PM11:21 PM11:23 PM11:25 PM11:26 PM11:29 PM11:31 PM11:32 PM11:35 PM----------------