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Rider Alerts

  • Route 9 OB: Market (L) Fulton (R) Mt. Vernon (R) Front (L) Pearl to regular route
    Route 9 IB: Pearl (R) Mt. Vernon (L) Fulton (R) Market to regular route
  • Route 13 Inbound bus stop at Fuller and Race will be closed until March 29th for sidewalk construction. Please wait at the Fuller and Michigan bus stop for the route 13 Inbound.
  • Route 13 Outbound: Monroe (R) North Park (R) Coit to regular route. The buses will layover on Coit Avenue in front of the entrance/exit drive to the Veterans Facility.
  • Route 14 Inbound Detour - Starting on March 25th at 8:00am - Inbound Only: Fulton (L) Diamond (R) Lake Drive (L) Fulton to regular route.
  • Route #18 detour:
    OB: Bridge (R) Gold (L) Douglas (L) Lexington/Stocking to regular route.
    IB: Stocking (R) 1st (L) Cadwell (R) Bridge to regular route.
  • Route 19
    Westbound: Bridge (R) Stocking (R) Second St. , Lay in at temporary bus stop to reg route
  • Route 50 EB: Leaving PEW Campus (L) Pearl (R) Scribner (R) Michigan to regular route. Bus Stops on Monroe will not be serviced in Eastbound direction.