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Rider Alerts

  • Route 6 Detour
    Inbound: Lyon St. (R) Division (L) Crescent (R) Ionia (L) Michigan (L) Ottawa to reg route.
  • Route #13 OB detour: Ionia (R) on Pearl (L) on Division (L) on Cresent (R) on Ionia to regular route.
  • Route # 18
    OB: Bridge (R) Gold (L) Douglas (L) Lexington/Stocking (R) 2nd (L) Seward (L) 3rd (R) Stocking to regular route
    IB: Lexington/ Stocking (R) 1st (L) Cadwell (R) Bridge to regular route
  • Route #19 WB: Bridge (R) Stocking (R) Second St., lay-in at temporary bus stop to regular route