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Rider Alerts

  • Detour Silver Line.
    SB: Monroe, R Lyon, L Division, R Michgian, reg route.
  • Route 90 Detour
    to reg route
  • Detour Route 6.
    NB: Ottawa, R Louis, L Monroe, L Fulton, regular route - WHEN NEEDED
  • Detour Route 6.
    SB: Wealthy, R Plymouth, L Lake Dr, L Croswell, R Wealthy, reg route.
    NB: Wealthy, L Croswell, R Lake Dr, R Plymouth, L Wealthy, reg route.
  • Route 6 Temp Detour SB: Wealthy R Plymouth L Lake Dr L Croswell R Wealthy NB: Wealthy L Croswell R Lake Dr R Plymouth L Wealthy Reg Route
  • Route 7 may be running behind schedule at times due to the Rt 15 being on detour.
  • Detour Route 9.
    SB: Stocking (L) First (R) Seward Regular Route
    NB: Seward (L) on 1st (R) Stocking Regular Route
  • Detour Route 11 NB Only,
    NB: Monroe, R Lyon, L Division, R Michigan, reg route.
  • Detour Route 13 - As needed.
    SB: Ottawa, R Louis, L Monroe, L Fulton, reg route.
    SB: Michigan, L Monroe, L Lyon, R Ottawa, reg route.
  • Route 13 detour
    Northbound: Ionia (R) Lyon (L) Division (R) Michigan to reg route.
  • Detour Route 15.
    WB: Leonard, R Fuller, L Sweet, L Diamond, R Spencer, L College.
    EB: College, R Spencer, L Diamond, R Sweet, R Fuller, L Leonard.
  • Detour Rt 15, June 12 Aug 15.
    EB: Leffingwell (R) Knapp (R) KCTC lot thu exit to Knapp (R) Knapp RR
    WB: Knapp (L) KTCT lot thu exit (L) Knapp (L) Leffingwell RR
  • Route 18 Detour
    Westbound: Bridge (R) Gold (L) Douglas (L) Lexington /Stocking Reg Route
    Eastbound: Stocking (L) 1st(R) Seward (R) Douglas (R) Gold (L) Bridge Regular Route
  • Route 50 Detour
    Eastbound: Monroe (R) Lyon (L) Division (R) Michigan to Reg Route
  • Route 85 shuttle service is not available during the Spring/Summer semesters.