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Rider Alerts

  • Route 90 NB Ransom (R) Fountain (L) Lafayette (L) Michigan to regular route
    Route 90 SB Ransom (R) Fulton (L) La Grave (L) Weston (R) Jefferson Reg RT
  • Route 2 Detour
    Northbound - Fuller (R) Hall (L) Giddings (L) Franklin to reg route.
    Southbound - Franklin (R) Giddings (R) Hall (L) Fuller to reg route
  • Route 5 Detour
    Northbound Only - Hall (R) Giddings (L) Franklin (R) Fuller to reg route
    Southbound - Regular Route
  • route 7 detour
    westbound Scribner - (L)bridge - (R)broadway (R) 6th (L) scribner to reg route.
  • Route 9 NB York Creek
    Alpenhorn Dr (L) York Creek (L) Alpine to Regular Route
  • Route 14 Detour
    Westbound: Plymouth (L) Matilda (L) Ball to Reg Route
  • Route 15 Detour
    Westbound: Leonard (L) Plymouth (R) Matilda (R) Ball (L) Cedar (R) Fuller (L) Leonard to reg route
    Eastbound: Leonard (R) Fuller (L) Cedar (R) Ball (L) Matilda (L) Plymouth (R) Leonard to reg route.
  • Route 18 WB: Butterworth R on Straight L on Park R on Lane to Regular Route.

    Route 18 EB: Lane L on Park R on Straight L on Butterworth to Regular route.