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Rider Alerts

  • Head north on Fuller Ave SE toward Adams St SE
    Turn right onto Adams St SE
    Turn left onto Underwood Ave SE
    Turn left onto Hall St SE
    Turn right onto Fuller Ave SE
    Back to reg route
    Bus stops on Fuller from Adams to Hall will not be serviced.
  • Route 7 WB Detour: Grandville (L) Weston (L) Market (R) US 131 Northbound to regular route - The bus stop on Oakes will not be serviced.
  • Route # 13 NB: Monroe (R) N Park (R) Coit. Layover at temp stop in front of Sunshine Church.
  • Route # 14 EB: Lakeside (L) Michigan (R) Plymouth (R) Oak Industrial Drive (L) Maryland (L) Leonard (L) Ball to lay-over point.
  • Route # 14 WB: Departing layover at Ball; Continue straight onto Service Dr (L) Plymouth (R) Leonard (R) Maryland (R) Oak Industrial Dr (L) Plymouth (L) Michigan (R) Lakeside to regular route.
  • Route # 18 EB: Lexington/ Stocking (R) 1st (L) Cadwell (R) Bridge to regular route.
  • Route 18 Detour:
    Route 18 EB: Tremont (R) Mt. Mercy (L) Bridge (L) Garfield (L) Second (R) Valley to regular route
    Route 18 WB: Valley, Stay Straight Then (R) Bridge, (R) Mt. Mercy, (L) Tremont to regular route.
  • Laker Line Eastbound Detour: Michigan, (L) onto Ionia/I-196 EB onramp, stay in the entry/exit lane (right lane) to exit at College, (R) College, (R) Michigan to Lafayette Station. The eastbound Medical Mile station will not be serviced.