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44th St Crosstown

Service Alerts

  • Effective Aug. 1, paper transfers and change cards will no longer be provided.
  • Route #44 EB: Breton (R) 32nd (L) Shaffer (R) 29th (L) on Lake Eastbrook (L) 28th to regular route. The 29th Street/Shaffer & Radcliff/28th Street bus stops will not be serviced.



Beginning at Rivertown Walmart, take Kenowa to Rivertown Parkway Right on Rivertown Parkway, right on Canal to Lowes Leave Loews on Canal back to Rivertown Parkway Right on Rivertown Parkway to Outer Mall Drive to Rivertown Mall by Celebration! Rivertown Theater entrance Continue on Outer Mall Driver to Meijer, then take Century Center to Ivanrest. Left (north) on Ivanrest to 44th Right (east) on 44th to Breton Right (south) on Breton to Walma Left (north) on Walma to 44th Left (west) on 44th Street to Breton Right (north) on Breton to 32nd Right (east) on 32nd Street to Shaffer Left (north) on Shaffer to 29th Street Left (west) on 29th Street to Radcliff Right (north) on Radcliff to Outer Mall Drive to Woodlan Mall terminal


Leave Woodland Mall terminal via Outer Mall Drive to Radcliff Left (south) on Radcliff to 29th Street Left (east) on 29th Street to Shaffer Right (south) on Shaffer to 32nd Street Right (west) on 32nd Street to Breton Left (south) on Breton to 44th Street Right on 44th Street to Michigan turn around East on 44th Street to Walma Right (south) on Walma to Breton Right (north) on Breton to 44th Street Right on 44th Street to Michigan turn around West on 44th Street to Ivanrest Left (south) on Ivanrest to Century Center to Outer Mall Drive Stop at RiverTown Crossings Mall at the Celebration! Rivertown Theater entrance Exit RiverTown via Outer Mall Drive to Rivertown Parkway Left on Rivertown Parkway, left on Canal to Loews Return on Canal to left on Rivertown Parkway Rivertown Parkway to left on Kenowa to Rivertown Walmart


LocationTransfer to Route(s)
RiverTown Crossings Mall8
44th Street & Byron Center16
44th Street & Clyde Park10
44th Street & Division1
44th Street & Eastern4
44th Street & Kalamazoo2
Kentwood City Hall2
Woodland Mall5, 6, 17, 24, 28
Rivertown WalmartRivertown Crossings MallRivertown Meijer44th @ Byron Center44th @ Clyde Park44th @ Division44th @ Eastern44th @ KalamazooKentwood City Hall32nd @ BretonWoodland Mall
5:22 AM5:33 AM5:36 AM5:41 AM5:46 AM5:49 AM5:52 AM5:55 AM6:00 AM6:06 AM6:13 AM
5:52 AM6:03 AM6:06 AM6:11 AM6:16 AM6:19 AM6:22 AM6:25 AM6:30 AM6:36 AM6:43 AM
6:22 AM6:33 AM6:36 AM6:41 AM6:46 AM6:49 AM6:52 AM6:55 AM7:00 AM7:06 AM7:13 AM
6:52 AM7:03 AM7:06 AM7:11 AM7:16 AM7:19 AM7:22 AM7:25 AM7:30 AM7:36 AM7:43 AM
7:22 AM7:33 AM7:36 AM7:41 AM7:46 AM7:49 AM7:52 AM7:55 AM8:00 AM8:06 AM8:13 AM
7:52 AM8:03 AM8:06 AM8:11 AM8:16 AM8:19 AM8:22 AM8:25 AM8:30 AM8:36 AM8:43 AM
8:22 AM8:33 AM8:36 AM8:41 AM8:46 AM8:49 AM8:52 AM8:55 AM9:00 AM9:06 AM9:13 AM
8:52 AM9:03 AM9:06 AM9:11 AM9:16 AM9:19 AM9:22 AM9:25 AM9:30 AM9:36 AM9:43 AM
9:22 AM9:33 AM9:36 AM9:41 AM9:46 AM9:49 AM9:52 AM9:55 AM10:00 AM10:06 AM10:13 AM
9:52 AM10:03 AM10:06 AM10:11 AM10:16 AM10:19 AM10:22 AM10:25 AM10:30 AM10:36 AM10:43 AM
10:22 AM10:33 AM10:36 AM10:41 AM10:46 AM10:49 AM10:52 AM10:55 AM11:00 AM11:06 AM11:13 AM
10:52 AM11:03 AM11:06 AM11:11 AM11:16 AM11:19 AM11:22 AM11:25 AM11:30 AM11:36 AM11:43 AM
11:22 AM11:33 AM11:36 AM11:41 AM11:46 AM11:49 AM11:52 AM11:55 AM12:00 PM12:06 PM12:13 PM
11:52 AM12:03 PM12:06 PM12:11 PM12:16 PM12:19 PM12:22 PM12:25 PM12:30 PM12:36 PM12:43 PM
12:22 PM12:33 PM12:36 PM12:41 PM12:46 PM12:49 PM12:52 PM12:55 PM1:00 PM1:06 PM1:13 PM
12:52 PM1:03 PM1:06 PM1:11 PM1:16 PM1:19 PM1:22 PM1:25 PM1:30 PM1:36 PM1:43 PM
1:22 PM1:33 PM1:36 PM1:41 PM1:46 PM1:49 PM1:52 PM1:55 PM2:00 PM2:06 PM2:13 PM
1:52 PM2:03 PM2:06 PM2:11 PM2:16 PM2:19 PM2:22 PM2:25 PM2:30 PM2:36 PM2:43 PM
2:22 PM2:33 PM2:36 PM2:41 PM2:46 PM2:49 PM2:52 PM2:55 PM3:00 PM3:06 PM3:13 PM
2:52 PM3:03 PM3:06 PM3:11 PM3:16 PM3:19 PM3:22 PM3:25 PM3:30 PM3:36 PM3:43 PM
3:22 PM3:33 PM3:36 PM3:41 PM3:46 PM3:49 PM3:52 PM3:55 PM4:00 PM4:06 PM4:13 PM
3:52 PM4:03 PM4:06 PM4:11 PM4:16 PM4:19 PM4:22 PM4:25 PM4:30 PM4:36 PM4:43 PM
4:22 PM4:33 PM4:36 PM4:41 PM4:46 PM4:49 PM4:52 PM4:55 PM5:00 PM5:06 PM5:13 PM
4:52 PM5:03 PM5:06 PM5:11 PM5:16 PM5:19 PM5:22 PM5:25 PM5:30 PM5:36 PM5:43 PM
5:22 PM5:33 PM5:36 PM5:41 PM5:46 PM5:49 PM5:52 PM5:55 PM6:00 PM6:06 PM6:13 PM
5:52 PM6:03 PM6:06 PM6:11 PM6:16 PM6:19 PM6:22 PM6:25 PM6:30 PM6:36 PM6:43 PM
6:30 PM6:41 PM6:44 PM6:49 PM6:54 PM6:57 PM7:00 PM7:03 PM7:08 PM7:14 PM7:21 PM
7:00 PM7:11 PM7:14 PM7:19 PM7:24 PM7:27 PM7:30 PM7:33 PM7:38 PM7:44 PM7:51 PM
7:30 PM7:41 PM7:44 PM7:49 PM7:54 PM7:57 PM8:00 PM8:03 PM8:08 PM8:14 PM8:21 PM
8:30 PM8:41 PM8:44 PM8:49 PM8:54 PM8:57 PM9:00 PM9:03 PM9:08 PM9:14 PM9:21 PM
9:30 PM--9:44 PM9:49 PM9:54 PM9:57 PM10:00 PM10:03 PM10:08 PM10:14 PM10:21 PM


  1. Rivertown Walmart (#7820)
  2. Kenowa south of 44th NB (#7814)
  3. Canal at Grandville Marketplace (#7815)
  4. Canal at Wimbledon NB (#7816)
  5. 44th west of Wilfred EB (#7380)
  6. 44th west of Wilson EB (#7381)
  7. Wilson south of Rivertown Pkwy SB (#7384)
  8. Rivertown Crossings Mall (#3477)
  9. Century Center at Rivertown Meijer EB (#3478)
  10. 44th at Rivertown Target EB (#7399)
  11. 44th east of Spartan Industrial EB (#7401)
  12. 44th across from Crooked Tree EB (#7405)
  13. 44th at Byron Center EB (#7408)
  14. 44th west of Forest Park EB (#7411)
  15. 44th at R. W. Berends EB (#7416)
  16. 44th at Burlingame EB (#7421)
  17. 44th at Villa Esparenza Apts EB (#7426)
  18. 44th across from Flamingo EB (#7431)
  19. 44th across from Illinios EB (#7433)
  20. 44th at 990 44th EB (#7434)
  21. 44th at Clyde Park EB (#7435)
  22. 44th at Magnolia EB (#7436)
  23. 44th at Buchanan EB (#7441)
  24. 44th at Division EB (#7445)
  25. 44th at Jefferson EB (#7451)
  26. 44th at Julivan EB (#7453)
  27. 44th at Potter EB (#7461)
  28. 44th at Eastern EB (#7465)
  29. 44th east of Grantwood EB (#7471)
  30. 44th at Poinsettia EB (#7476)
  31. 44th across from Kimball EB (#7481)
  32. 44th east of Kalamazoo EB (#728)
  33. 44th across from Plymouth EB (#731)
  34. 44th across from Kentridge EB (#735)
  35. 44th at Stauffer EB (#741)
  36. 44th east of Applewood EB (#746)
  37. 44th at Breton EB (#751)
  38. 44th across from Walnut Hills EB (#7691)
  39. Walma south of 44th SB (#7696)
  40. Walma at Hunters Ridge SB (#7698)
  41. Walma at Pineview Apartments SB (#7701)
  42. Walma at Kentwood City Hall (#7705)
  43. Breton across from Mapleview NB (#7711)
  44. Breton at Breton Ct NB (#7721)
  45. Breton at Drummond NB (#7726)
  46. Breton south of 44th NB (#7731)
  47. Breton across from Family Fare NB (#7596)
  48. Breton across from Granite NB (#7597)
  49. Breton across from Portman NB (#7599)
  50. Breton at Breton Valley NB (#7601)
  51. Breton at 32nd NB (#7602)
  52. 32nd at Hampton Downs EB (#7611)
  53. 32nd & Westminster (#7616)
  54. 32nd east of Coach EB (#7621)
  55. Shaffer at 32nd NB (#7626)
  56. Shaffer south of 29th NB (#7631)
  57. 29th at Shaffer WB (#6496)
  58. Radcliff at 28th NB (#6501)
  59. Kentwood Station - Woodland (#2022)


  1. Kentwood Station - Woodland (#2022)
  2. Radcliff at 28th SB (#7651)
  3. 29th at Shaffer EB (#6386)
  4. Shaffer south of 29th SB (#7661)
  5. 32nd west of Shaffer WB (#7666)
  6. 32nd across from Westminster WB (#7671)
  7. 32nd across from Hampton Downs WB (#7676)
  8. Breton at 32nd SB (#7678)
  9. Breton at Whispering Brook SB (#7681)
  10. Breton at Portman SB (#7683)
  11. Breton at Granite SB (#7684)
  12. Breton at Family Fare SB (#7686)
  13. Breton south of 44th SB (#756)
  14. Breton at Drummond SB (#766)
  15. Breton at N Breton Ct SB (#771)
  16. Breton at Mapleview SB (#791)
  17. Walma at Kentwood City Hall (#792)
  18. Walma across from Pineview Apartments NB (#801)
  19. Walma across from Hunters Ridge NB (#803)
  20. Walma at 44th NB (#806)
  21. 44th at Walnut Hills WB (#811)
  22. 44th at Breton Woods WB (#816)
  23. 44th west of Breton WB (#821)
  24. 44th at Callender WB (#826)
  25. 44th at Eastcastle WB (#831)
  26. 44th at Plymouth WB (#836)
  27. 44th at Kalamazoo WB (#7735)
  28. 44th at Kimball WB (#7741)
  29. 44th at Poinsetta WB (#7746)
  30. 44th at Steelcase Entrance WB (#7751)
  31. 44th at Eastern WB (#7753)
  32. 44th at Potter WB (#7756)
  33. 44th west of Roger B Chaffee WB (#7758)
  34. 44th at Jefferson WB (#7761)
  35. 44th at Division WB (#7765)
  36. 44th at Buchanan WB (#7771)
  37. 44th at Stafford WB (#7773)
  38. 44th west of Clyde Park WB (#7774)
  39. 44th at Illinois WB (#7777)
  40. 44th at Michael WB (#7779)
  41. 44th at 1505 44th WB (#7781)
  42. 44th at Burlingame WB (#7783)
  43. 44th west of Ridge WB (#7791)
  44. 44th at Timber Ridge Trail WB (#7792)
  45. 44th west of Forest Park WB (#7796)
  46. 44th at Byron Center WB (#7797)
  47. 44th at Crooked Tree WB (#7798)
  48. 44th at Spartan Industrial WB (#7806)
  49. 44th at Rivertown Target WB (#7808)
  50. Century Center at Rivertown Meijer WB (#7812)
  51. Rivertown Crossings Mall (#3477)
  52. Wilson south of Rivertown Pkwy NB (#7813)
  53. 44th west of Wilson WB (#9210)
  54. 44th west of Wilfred WB (#9211)
  55. Canal at Grandville Marketplace (#7815)
  56. Canal at Wimbledon NB (#7816)
  57. Kenowa south of 44th SB (#7817)
  58. Rivertown Walmart (#7820)